Mobile ads consume up to 50% of mobile data.
And it’s only getting worse.

Ad networks such as those run by Google, Facebook, AOL and Yahoo! are generating billions of dollars. Why should consumers subsidize the rapidly growing and tremendously successful online advertising industry?

Consumers have already grown weary of ad tech’s abuses: 200 million of them have turned to ad blocking to protect their data and online experience. And Apple, in an unprecedented move, is introducing ad blocking support in its upcoming iOS9.

Shine calls upon the GSMA leadership to take immediate action and work with its membership to expedite a position on the matter.

We also call on mobile operator CEOs to publicly express their pursuit of this act of consumer protection and to support those who champion such ideas as Zero Rating policies, which can be implemented by carriers and ad tech providers to prevent subscribers from being charged for the growing volume of data being consumed by mobile ads.

It is time for change.

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